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Ethical/unethical acts

Ethical/unethical acts

The case of New England Patriots Head Football Coach Bill Belichick, who  was accused of “spying” on opponents, has aroused the interest and the  ire of many National Football League fans. The specific case, Mayer v.  Belichick, is cited in our text on pages 69-75 as “Case 2-6.”

Review  the case and respond to Question 3 – “Do you consider the actions of  the Patriots team and their coaching staff unethical?  Or was it merely  gamesmanship at its highest level?  Do you think their actions could  constitute criminal conduct?”– and to Question 4 – “The Patriots did  break league rules by spying, but is that always translated to be an  unethical act?”

Make certain that in this threaded discussion you  support your positions with citations from the text or other sources  and provide a listing of the sources you have used.


Thornton, P.K., Champion, W.T., & Ruddell, L.S. (2012). Sports ethics for sports management professionals. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.