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environmental justice conflict

environmental justice conflict

The purpose of this final paper is to synthesize, present, and demonstrate the knowledge gained in each of the competency areas during this class.


Students will complete a research paper on one environmental justice conflict (with approval) discussed in the context of environmental justice. Please use the Environmental Justice Atlas to select your paper topic.

Use the class resources (textbooks, films, other resources presented by the instructor or by classmates), journal articles and other appropriate references to support your discussion and analysis.

Evaluation Criteria:

This paper will be assessed for both content and form according to the evaluation checklist below.


1500 word paper

APA referencing style

Presentation to class (6-8 PPP slides) for instructor and peer feedback

Evaluation Criteria: Total Mark 30%


Are the objectives of the paper clearly stated?

Are the citations and bibliographic references accurate?

Is the paper presented in a clear and logical format?

Is the paper free from spelling and grammatical errors?

Critical Thinking

Does the paper demonstrate critical reflection (by addressing both sides of the conflict, issue or cause)?

Global Perspectives and Citizenship

The paper demonstrates an appreciation of the link between unjust social structures and environmental degradation

The paper shows an analysis of the impacts of global economic, socio-political and cultural issues on local and regional societies

The paper discusses and suggests examples of call to action that promote local and global human well-being

Working with Others

Does the paper reflect an appreciation of the benefits of good relationships and collective action

Does the paper demonstrate sensitivity to culture, gender, disability, sexuality, class, language, etc.

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