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Decision Making 5

Decision Making 5


1.Discuss the process of critical analysis to find a proposition. 

– Identify as many of the steps as you can. (and cite and reference correctly)

2. Many newspapers, including USA Today, have a regular feature of printing two opposing editorials on current topics. 

– Congressional Quarterly also features such exchanges and, of course, they can be found in ballot pamphlets such as we have used in this chapter. 

– Find one of these exchanges and find the issues in the controversy. 

– Discuss your opinion on the exchange. Cite your reference


  1. The subject of your paper may      include any examples from the news media, history, or personal experience      on how emotions influence decision making.
  2. Refer to information from the      reading.
  3. The paper must be in APA      format.
  4. 800 to 1000 words.

I have attached a template for q 3. Use this template for q3 only. you need to submit 2 papers 1 for q1 and q2  and the other is for q3. q3 needs 800-1000 words.