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What does leadership mean to you?

· What strengths do you believe you have as a leader? Weaknesses?

· What has been your greatest influence as a leader?

· Do you believe that leaders should make other people feel strong and confident? If so, what do you do to help others feel this way?

· Do you think it is important to delegate? If so, why?

· What are three or four actions you believe are essential to enable others to be successful?

· What advice do you have for building relationships and trust in a group or organization?

· How would you describe your leadership style (e.g., servant leadership)? If so, how do you demonstrate that leadership style in your organization or group?

· What are your core values and how are they reflected in what you do as a leader?

· How do you facilitate improvement, manage change, and deal with mistakes in your group or organization? How do you deal with your own mistakes?

· How do you manage conflict within your group or organization?