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Human Resource Managemen

Human Resource Managemen

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of a minimum of 12 slides based on your final research project submission from Unit VII (ATTACHED). Each slide must contain slide (speaker) notes. Title and references slides are not counted toward the minimum slide counts. Use two current peer-reviewed sources. Follow APA style to format your presentation. Your PowerPoint should include:

1) Title slide (1 slide),

2) Introduction (1 slide),

3) Aim, scope, and prospective audience (2 slides),

4) Dissemination plan (poster, oral presentation, etc.; 2 slides),

5) Discuss how to select a journal for publishing (1 slide),

6) Explain the review process (2 slides),

7) Considerations for oral presentations (2 slides),

8) Discuss the benefits of publishing (2 slides), and

9) References (1 slide).