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Writing Assignment

Writing Assignment

Teaching is fun.*

1) Imagine you are professor-for-a-day for this class, and you are helping students prepare for their second writing assignment. The second assignment requires students to apply a basic collegiate writing skillsynthesis writing, and produce a literature review–>gather sources, group them according to their themes or positions on a topic, and synthesize (blend the ideas in your sources together in what is called a literature review).

2) Consider the instructions the Writing Program wrote for the assignment:

Steps to Take in Completing this Assignment: 

Locate at least seven articles on your topic. At least four articles should come from scholarly journals or credible trade journals. You should use OneSearch through UMUC’s Library and Information Services or individual databases through the library for your research.
Take notes, perhaps by applying the skills from your annotated bibliography exercise, on each article. <–a particularly important point to weigh