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After reviewing this week’s lesson and both chapters 8 &9 I would find both Stacey and Michelle to be guilty of First-degree murder. This falls under the “model penal code” by the first two substantial steps.

  1. Both Stacey and Michelle completed the crimes. Which both would be found guilty of an attempt to commit murder and by brandishing a weapon and utilizing it is an omission and which culminates in the commission of the crime they committed.
  2. Both where strongly corroborative by making statements such as “I have had enough of you Steve” and “I loved him, how dare you”. By doing this Michelle and Stacey showed one of the seven examples of possession of a material that are specially designed for unlawful use when they used illegal weapons.

We could argue that Stacy was only working in self defense and protecting Michelle but I would argue did Stacey contact the police at any point when she witnessed Steve attacking Michelle. The time it took her to walk to a drawer and pull out a gun she could have easily placed a 911 call to the authorities. Instead she took anger and aggression for the Steve guy and took his life.