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Leadership Development Project

Leadership Development Project

1.evaluate your own leadership style and effectiveness.    Completion of the course-long personal leadership project solidifies foundation KSAs in order to:  2.evaluate decision making in relation to historic and current issues in public safety through case studies and simulation

3. explain the relationship between successful leadership, organizational development, and technology and the way these factors affect decision making

4.discuss the importance of ethics, globalization, systems thinking, proactive leadership, and leader-follower relationships to successful leadership in public safety

5.identify and discuss the major leadership theories and concepts applicable to public safety

6.explain the importance of leadership in organizational processes and change

7.cite examples of successful leadership styles and techniques in progressive public administration

8. complete case study reviews and an operational simulation based on major public safety issues

9.  identify future public safety challenges and potential solutions

10.synthesize your learning experience in your major discipline to apply the knowledge and skills to practical individual and organizational challenges