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Industry Research

Industry Research

 Domestic – vs – International 

1)  Is the industry mostly domestic or is it global?

2)  Is the industry strong or weak domestically vs overseas? Is it effected by tariffs, etc.

3)  Where does the industry make most of its profit?

4)  Where is manufacturing? Sales?

5)  Can people in other countries afford/want it? (income per capita, cultural/religious


6)  Demographics to support it?

* Innovations/new products (slow or fast, constantly changing, set times for introduction 

such as automobiles)

1)  How often does the industry come up with new products: constantly or is it slow to

change or develop?

2)  Product cycles. Are the products on a predetermined cycle such as cars? Is there

certain times of the year new products are announced?

3)  Is there a certain time of year that new products are introduced? Such as Consumer

Electronics Show, etc.