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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

1. Discuss the origins of the Internet. How has it developed into the communication tool we know and use today?

2. Although older adults have a higher fear of property and personal crimes, they are less likely than young adults to become victimized by those crimes. Do you feel as if older adults have justification for fearing cyber crime?  Explain why with facts and evidence.

3. How has the profile of a child pornography offender changed since the prevalence of cell phones, specifically since the advent of smart phones?

4. Should individuals be punished differently based on the types of pornographic material they possess?  Explain.

5. What are the dangers of posting ads for prostitution online? In what ways does it make it safer for prostitutes to utilize the internet to gain clientele?

6. Explain the categories of sexual solicitors.  Is the internet to blame for the increase in the ease and efficiency of sexual solicitors?  Please explain.

7. Explain the “grooming” process between an adult and minor.

8. Discuss how the Internet is a facilitator for the sexual solicitation. How has the internet increased the ease and efficiency of an offender’s ability to commit the sexual exploitation of victims including minors?

9. Explain to what extent should Internet users expect privacy and protection regarding the materials they voluntarily post on social media or share with others via text. Given the nature of social media, are posts anonymous? Why or why not?

10. Do you believe that educating the public about the potential victimization via non-consensual pornography would decrease the amount of sexting that occurs between partners?  Why or why not?