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Research Paper

Research Paper


The research article for Instructional Strategies for Emotionally Handicapped Students must be related to one of the course objectives and must involve school-age (k-12) students with emotional disabilities. The research article CANNOT be a review of the literature; it must be a review of a recent study (within the last three years), experimental in nature, with results and conclusions.

You can use this objective to find an Article,( “Identify the types and characteristics of children with emotional and behavioral disorders”)

This review must be 5 to 7 pages of content using APA 6thedition rules:

1 or 2 pages devoted to the summary of the article and the rest to the critique and overall assessment of the article. You are expected to summarize the article in one or two pages and spend four to five pages describing what do you liked or not about the study. Also, what did you think about the selection of the Subjects? What did you think about the procedures? How would you conduct this study if they had the chance? What would you do differently if they had to do this study over? What implications would the results of this study have for you or your students?

The following is a suggested list of professional journals related to students with emotional and/or behavioral disabilities: SUGGESTED LIST OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALS: – Behavioral Disorders – Child Development – Exceptional Children – Exceptional Parent – Human Behavior – Human Development – Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis – Journal of Correctional Education – Journal of Special Education – Juvenile and Family Court Journal – Teaching Exceptional Children