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Critical And Analytical Assignment

Critical And Analytical Assignment


1.  Choose one popular song from pop culture. It should be recent (within the last 5 years or so). Go online and find the lyrics to the song. Copy and paste the lyrics to your word document. Provide the singer ‘names, title of the song and date.

2.  Write a short paragraph of 50 to 70 words to justify and explain your song’s choice.

3.  Analyze the song answering the question below  (300 words):

Question: What does your song say (or not say) about the following:

–  Poverty

–  Refugees/Displaced persons

–  Culture of capitalism (glorification of money & wealth)

–  Discrimination

–  Symbols of Class (upper class, lower class, etc.)

–  Individualism (emphasis on person over people)

–  Being ‘cool’ / ‘fitting in’

Be sure to include in your explanation the specific lyric that corresponds to the above topics.

You can check on  www.genius.com if your song is listed on their database. One you select the song, you can move the mouse over the lyrics, and you will find an annotated explanation on the left side of the screen. It will help you to analyze the song.

4.  Write a short essay (250 words) explaining:

How do you think this song contributes to the social construction of class/ gender/ race (apply the suitable one depending on your selected song)?