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Project Control, Sustainability Policy And PowerPoint Presentation

Project Control, Sustainability Policy And PowerPoint Presentation

Finalize your previous assignments by considering ethical and sustainability activities. Specifically, add the following information:

1. Ethical implications of purchasing materials for your operation (2-3 pages) and must include in text citations. Are you hurting any segments of society?

2. Sustainability issues related to your operation. Develop a sustainability policy for buying the five materials. It should discuss both eco and financial sustainability. This policy should be one page double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins.

3. Create a PowerPoint Presentation report (7-10 slides) that summarizes all four assignments that you can present to top management. It should discuss the conclusions drawn about the purchasing concerns in supplying the company with its various creatures and reference the steps taken to make the purchasing viable. It should also reflect the role of purchasing in the supply chain link.