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Course Project

Course Project

Due Week 2: BA Plan Section 1: Company Background and Strategy

In this portion of the course project, you will select an organization for your project, determine its strategic position on each of three dimensions, illustrate this on a strategic position diagram, and define SMART objectives and related information sources for each dimension.

Complete and submit Section 1 of the BA Plan Template, including the following:

  • The name of the organization you have selected for your business analytics plan
  • A screen shot of the company’s LexisNexis dossier from the Nexis Uni database showing the company’s summary information, industry classification, and business description.
  • A strategic positioning diagram for the selected organization, similar to Exhibit 2.6 in the textbook, showing what you believe should be the organization’s positioning on each of the three dimensions of Product Innovation, Customer Intimacy, and Operational Excellence.
  • For each of the three dimensions (Product Innovation, Customer Intimacy, and Operational Excellence):
    • A paragraph (100-200 words) explaining why you chose the strategic positioning you did for this dimension.
    • A SMART objective you believe the organization should pursue to help it achieve or maintain the positioning you selected on this dimension.