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Three Identical Strangers

Three Identical Strangers

For this activity, please review the following in this order,


1. The Elixir Sulfanilamide video (4:56 minutes)



2. The Thalidomide video (12:07 minutes)



3. The Belmont Report video (26:49 minutes)



4. http://www.threeidenticalstrangers.com/Three Identical Strangers (small fee depending on provider; 96 minutes)





Unethical Study Discussion

Choose ONE study to review for this discussion: Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment OR Three Identical Strangers.


1. What fact about the study you chose is most impactful to you? Why?


2. Connect the ethical principles of human subjects research in the Belmont Report to the ethics (or, more accurately, lack thereof) of the experiment detailed in the study you chose.  For example, if you choose beneficence, explain what is meant by that per The Belmont Report, and explain how the ethical principle was violated by the experiment.  Use information from your chosen study and the Belmont Report video to support your answer.


Grading Rubric

Criteria Mastery = 4
Video chosen is stated and personal impact explained Impact is thoughtful, clear, succinct, and logical
Connection between an ethical principle in the Belmont Report to details in chosen video explained Connection is thoughtful, clear, succinct, and logical
Response to a first peer includes is substantive Response is thoughtful, clear, succinct, and logical
Response to a second peer is substantive Response is thoughtful, clear, succinct, and logical