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Research Paper

Research Paper

Formal Project

Assignment Objective: To describe and summarize Public Health issues in the US healthcare system.


Tied to Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:


1. Describe basic components of the U.S. health care delivery system.

2. Assess trends and effects of changing economic, social, political, and technological forces on healthcare systems.

3. Discuss regulatory and accreditation standards of governmental or governmental appointed agencies on healthcare quality and safety.

4. Discuss legal and ethical issues in the healthcare industry.

5. Describe the roles and responsibilities of varied healthcare providers.



Research Paper: Directions for Assignment

Choose a current public health topic (instructor will provide a list of public health topics, but you can select a different one). Describe and research the topic, including current issues and challenges in United States related to the chosen topic. Present a brief introduction of the selected topic and convince the reader that the paper is interesting. Present the most current facts about the selected public health topic. (Ex. Latest statistics, current programs in the country, access to quality healthcare, etc.) You will also have to bring ideas to reform the current situation in the United States and/or globally. Present logical ideas to reform the public health issues in United States or globally and support their ideas with reliable references. Must use at least five (5) scholarly sources (Wikipedia is not accepted):

· Page limit: 6-8 page Word document (excluding the title page and reference list). Use page headers and numbers, level headings, and in-text citations, following all APA formatting requirements.

· List of possible topics for the Research Paper(Formal Paper). Remember that you can choose a different topic for your paper:

· –          Diabetes

· –          Tobacco Prevention

· –          Climate Change

· –          Preventing Chemical Exposure

· –          Food and Health

· –          Vaccines

· –          Heart Disease

· –          Cancer

· –          Communicable illness

· –          Mental Health

· –          Family planning

· –          Motor Vehicle Injuries

· –          Electronic cigarettes



Evaluation for Formal Paper Points Possible
Integration of knowledge & Organization (The paper demonstrates fully understanding of the concepts learned in class. The author applied the concepts in the paper and organize the finding clearly ignoring the unimportant details and bringing the most significant ones.



Depth of discussion (The author provides in-depth discussion & elaboration in all sections of the paper and clearly stated the ideas to reform the healthcare system)


Spelling and Grammar (use of third person; error-free spelling, correct grammar and sentence structure) 15
Sources (at least 5 scholarly references) 25
Citation (All sources (information and graphics) are accurately documented in the desired format. APA citation style is used in both text and references.)


Final total