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Discussion Board – Hermeneutics

Discussion Board – Hermeneutics

You must respond to the following 2 questions in separate threads. Consider these questions with the information in your textbooks in mind, but feel free to use other sources as needed to add to the conversation. In the subject line of each of your threads, acknowledge which question is being answered (e.g., “Special Topic Question 1”), and restate the question within your thread. Post each thread as a new topic.



Create a thread of at least 400 words for each question.





Offer a list and description of the qualifications needed for an interpreter to offer a proper reading of Scripture. Give the importance of each qualification for understanding Scripture. Which of these qualifications are most important? Which do you think are not as necessary? Give reasons for your choices. What role does the Holy Spirit play in interpretation? How do we determine the impact of the Spirit on an individual’s interpretation?





Utilizing the 9 items a reader should observe in paragraphs (see chapter 4 of Grasping God’s Word), list as many of these items as you can observe in Philippians 2:1–4. Offer the items as a list (e.g., you could list the “emotional terms” of the passage including such words as “encouragement” or “comfort”). The goal here is to see how many of the 9 you can find in Philippians 2. We are not interested here in interpretation or application, just observations concerning the details of the paragraph with regards to the 9 items a reader should observe. What details did you discover that you had not noticed before? How do you think this exercise can help you to interpret the text better?