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Discussion Board Class: Health Care Policy MSN-FNP

Discussion Board Class: Health Care Policy MSN-FNP

250 words. APA style. 2 references no more than 5 years.

Trace the history of cannabis use in medicine for the treatment and management of illness via nursing scholarly journal articles.

Examine your sources for the following information below and describe the following: Please each question must be answered separately. 

1. Who are the stakeholders both in support of and in opposition to medicinal cannabis use?

2. What does current medical/nursing research say regarding the increasing use of medicinal cannabis?

3. What are the policy, legal and future practice implications based on the current prescribed rate of cannabis?

Attached below is an additional resource that details current state medical marijuana laws:

National Conference of State Legislatures- State Medical Marijuana Laws: http://www.ncsl.org/research/health/state-medical-marijuana-laws.aspx