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1)  Identify a global societal issue from the following list that you would consider researching further for your Final Paper:

o  Climate change

o  Pollution

o  Religious conflict and violence

o  Rise of artificial intelligence

o  Lack of education

o  Unemployment and lack of economic opportunity

o  Government accountability and corruption

o  Food and water security

o  International drug trafficking

o  Poverty and income inequality

1)  Describe effective methods you used in identifying and narrowing down to just one of the topics to further research for your Final Paper.

2)  Explain three ways you can critically analyze sources to determine if they are scholarly.

3)  Summarize information from at least two scholarly journal articles from the Ashford University Library that will support your claims for your chosen topic.

4)  Explain why scholarly sources should be used to support your writing on the selected topic.

5)  Download and attach a PDF copy of one of the peer-reviewed scholarly articles that you found from the Ashford University Library to your answer using the “Attach” function located below your response.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length, which should include a thorough response to each prompt. You are required to provide in-text citations of applicable required reading materials and/or any other outside sources you use to support your claims