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Creative Arts In Early Childhood Powerpoint

Creative Arts In Early Childhood Powerpoint

F inding two scholarly peer-reviewed research articles on the topic of developmentally appropriate ways of teaching creative arts to young children. Students will be responsible for summarizing and critiquing these articles. Students will then present the information found in these articles by submitting a research Power Point presentation. The student will select a topic based on the course content and perform research and prepare a presentation with 3-5 APA formatted references.  The PowerPoint must be structured based on the Journal Article Research and Review Power Point Rubric posted in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubric section on the front page of the course.

Outline of your PowerPoint

You will prepare a PowerPoint presentation highlighting your research articles you found on developmentally appropriate methods for teaching creative arts (visual arts, drama, music, singing, or dance) to young children with a defined learning goal in a content area (math, science, language, social studies, etc). You will need 5 slides and you will need to include speaker notes or voice overs at the bottom of each slide, in-text citations, and a reference slide with the articles cited at the end:

Slide one – Title page, your name, date, class title, and instructor’s name. You will also be graded on visual appeal and presentation such as design and inclusion of clip art and some graphics. 10 PTS

Slide two – General overview of the content of the articles 20 PTS.

Slide three – Detailed review of the detailed strategies learned from the articles 30 PTS.

Slide four – How you personally would apply the strategies covered in the articles in your own classroom and recommendations for fellow teachers 30 PTS.

Slide five – Reference with the APA formatted article listed 10 PTS

PowerPoint Links (You only need one; speaker notes or a voice-over, not both):