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Chapter 8 Class Activity

Chapter 8 Class Activity

PSYC 3755

Chapter 8

Review chapter 8 PowerPoint and watch online lecture.

Watch this video about physical activity being encouraged in early childhood- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHtD_63rjFQ (it is a bit outdated, but the information presented is still relevant).

Read this article https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/once-upon-child/201604/why-physical-activity-is-so-crucial-preschoolers

Then answer the following discussion questions.


*Please email me your answers. Completing activities/questions will be required to earn attendance points.


1.) Why is physical activity important for early childhood development?


2.) What are the main motor skill changes (both fine and gross motor) that might be occurring in early childhood?


3.) If you were a caregiver or educator working with young children, what physical activities would you try to implement to help them develop both fine and gross motor skills? How might you encourage caregivers at home to implement physical activity as well?


4.) What would be quality sleep and eating schedule you would recommend to a caregiver of a four year old girl? Provide justification for your recommendations.



5.) What are your thoughts on how physical activity is connected to cognitive development?



6.) Why might art be used to help enhance physical development for young children? (We will talk about the impacts it may have on cognitive development in chapter 9!)