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Assignment 5

Assignment 5

Assignment 1

This week we change the perspective of our discussion to financial and reporting aspects of Sustainable Business Development (SBD). During the past weeks we studied the corporate social responsibility and environmental aspects of the “Triple Bottom Line”, all of our readings related the SBD strategies to a financial impact – either positive or negative.

To what extent should the financial impacts and performance results of SBD be reported to stakeholders? Is it just good P.R. (i.e., the billions we invested in “green”) or does reporting in detail generate a vulnerability to competitor intelligence gathering? Do the “tree huggers” or the governmental watchdogs really care about the numbers? What are the interests of current and potential investors?

Due by Wednesday April 1, 2020






















Assignment 2

For your paper this week, select an area of sustainability performance reporting that would incorporate financial metrics. Explain the metrics used and their importance in reporting sustainable business development progress to stakeholders. Provide an example to illustrate your point(s).

Using this information and the Assignment Rubric below, develop a 3-4 page APA formatted paper (not including reference and title page). Find at least 3 credible publication resources to support the information you develop in your paper on the topic. Try to include at least one peer-reviewed article on the topic. You do not need to be “all inclusive” in the paper – narrow your scope and focus on a part or subject area of genuine interest to you. It will be scored on how well the topic was presented and supported (70%), and how well the paper demonstrated good structure and mechanics (30%). Remember to use the appropriate in-text citations and connect them to the reference page.