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Analysis Exercise

Analysis Exercise

Thank you for striving to complete the assignment.


Here is the information you need to include in your power analysis. You will complete this for all three data sets below.

Sample size: 100

Number of groups: 2

Number of predictors: do a (3), then b (2), then c (3)

Response variables: do a (1), then b(1), then c (1)


a. 3 IV, 1 DV, median effect size, .05 alpha level

b. 2 IV, 1 DV, sample size of 100, alpha level .05

What is the effect size (power)?

c. 3 IV, 3 DV, large effect size, .05 alpha level


IV is independent variable (Predictors) and DV is dependent variable (response variables).


When you have completed the full assignment, update this page and let me know so that I may return and assess points.



Predictor vs Response variables http://whattest.lboro.ac.uk/glossary/Predictor%20and%20Response%20Variables.pdf