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Philosophy- Ethical Reasoning Paper

Philosophy- Ethical Reasoning Paper

Complete  instructions for the paper are found on the “Paper Instructions”  document (at the beginning of the home page) and the “On Writing an  Ethics Paper” powerpoint (same location).

Your paper MUST be a critical evaluation of an argument  (see instructions). Your paper must NOT be a “report” on an ethical  issue, or a “for-and-against” discussion of your topic (!!). This is  very important: your task is to demonstrate the critical thinking skills  that we are learning, and you are required to follow the (very  standard) format we have discussed in class, and that appears in the  instructions.

The topic for the paper AND the argument  MUST BE APPROVED by your professor before you write. For this first  paper, you may write about any ethical issue from the news, or your own  life or experience, or about the topics we have covered so far in class.  You may NOT write about topics that are covered later  in the course (that includes animal rights, sex and consent, harassment,  euthanasia, race and justice, and several others. If you want to write  about abortion, you may do so for the first paper, but your paper MUST  take into account the articles on abortion that we read in the last week  of February. CHECK with your professor if you are not sure – there are  no exceptions to these limits (simply because it makes no sense to write  a paper now on a topic which we will be discussing in more depth later  in the semester). Terrorism and torture ARE allowed for the first paper,  but be SURE that you have read those chapters before writing your  paper.

Keep in mind that your argument MUST contain an ethical theory, and an action to be evaluated, IN THE ANTECEDENT of the argument, which MUST be either modus ponens or modus tollens.