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INFANT Child Development

INFANT Child Development

Q1. In 3 paragraphs, respond to the following:

– Begin this weeks discussion by describing how you critically analyze a website resource to know if it is a high quality resource or not. Specifically, what are some things you look for?

– Then identify 3 quality resources that provide high quality information about pregnancy or birth for expectant families. For each one 1) share the web link and a brief summary of what resources or information are available for parents and 2) why do you feel this is a quality resource for expectant families?

Q2. In 3 paragraphs, respond to the following:

1. In your opinion, what do care teachers need to know about brain development in the womb, in infancy, and in toddlerhood? Support your opinions with information from this week’s reading assignments (PDF FILES SAY Q2)(Include page number from the readings)

2. List and describe ways that care teachers can support healthy brain development in infancy and toddlerhood. Include at least specific examples of what you might do as a care teacher.

Q3. View the video below and consider the environment and materials present. Pay close to attention to room arrangement, color schemes, hard/soft surfaces, space, materials used, etc.  The first room is used for infants between 12-18 months and the second space is used for children from 18-36 months.