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Starbuck Case Study

Starbuck Case Study

Please save this as a Word file, then provide your answer following each question. In 3 plus pages, double-spaced, please address the following and submit at the beginning of class in hard-copy only and stapled – for up to 5%! Higher grades will reflect depth of analysis and recommendations. This is an individual assignment, not a group project.


More Instructions … I am not explicitly requiring that you go beyond the case to research the industry but you are welcome to if you wish. If so, list your external sources (e.g. websites). Your responses drawn from insights from the case won’t require citations from the case … that is understood. But, in your responses, any direct quotes from the case should be cited. Also note, address the case in the context of when it was written, with information that would be readily available at that time!



1. When Howard Schultz launched Starbucks, who was the target market? How was the brand positioned, and what decisions about product, price, their locations and promotion support this positioning? (3.0 / 5)





2. Wall Street and Starbucks management placed a big priority on aggressive growth? How had they gone about executing that growth? (1.0 / 5)




3. In retrospect, which of these growth initiatives were sound decisions for the brand positioning? Which not so much? (1.0 / 5)%

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