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Maketing Management

Maketing Management

1. Identify and discuss the 8 major modes of communication that are part of the marketing communications mix.

2. Identify and discuss the 6 elements of the hierarchy of effects model.

3. Identify and discuss 4 possible communication objectives.

4 Identify and discuss the 4 advertising objectives.

5 Discuss television ads as it relates to developing the advertising campaign.

6 Discuss media selection, reach, frequency, and impact.


7  Based on the article in the Journal of Marketing,

discuss data access vulnerability: the ethical and legal issues associated with the firm having access to the customer’s personal data.

What do you see as the ethical dilemma?  As a consultant to executives, what recommendations would you make regarding data privacy?

Related information to Question #7.


How Should Marketers Manage Data Privacy?

4 distinct issues:

  1. Data access vulnerability: the firm has access to the customer’s personal data,
  2. Data breach vulnerability: the firm suffers a data breach,
  3. Spillover vulnerability: a firm’s close rival suffers a data breach,
  4. Data manifest vulnerability: a data breach allows customer data to be misused, such as for identity theft.


Marketers increasingly rely on customer data for important decisions, yet they have little insight into the potential pitfalls of collecting such data or how to prevent them.

So what?

Using customer data can heighten data privacy worries and/or create real vulnerability. This research shows that customer data vulnerability hurts firm performance in multiple ways.

Now what?

Firms may need a more tempered approach to data and analytics initiatives. Being more transparent and providing customers greater control can prevent negative outcomes.


Marketing ethics refers to:

the process of applying morality principles to the execution of marketing campaigns and services.

Advertising and promotion are a few of the most relevant applied marketing ethics areas

and they often overlap with media ethics – which differ from that of marketing.

Marketing ethics is also known as a process of generating consumer intrigue and relationships as well as stakeholder values.