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1.  (15 points) In a paragraph or two, write a brief summary about the major components of the research.  How was the study set up?  Who were the participants?  (Your explanation of the research should be clear enough that someone who may have never heard of this study would get a clear picture of how the research was done.  This should also be in your own words.)

2.      (5 points) If you were replicating this research, what would your hypothesis for the research be?  Briefly explain why you think what you do.


3.      (10 points) What is the dependent variable?  Independent variable(s)?  (Be clear about which is the independent and which is the dependent variable.)  In a sentence or two, explain the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

4.      (20 points) Which research method was used?  Write a paragraph (or two) in which you discuss (at least) one strength of this research method for this project and (at least) one weakness of this research method for this project.  Do you think another research method would have been a better method by which to answer the research question?  Why or why not?

5.      (10 points) Discuss the results of the research.  What were the findings of the study?  (How did the subjects behave?)

6.      (25 points) Write 1-3 paragraphs in which you discuss the implications of the findings.  In other words, how does this research add to our understanding of the extent to which groups and/or authority can have power over behavior?

– In your discussion of the implications of the research, use information from Chapter 5 in order to argue the ways by which this research demonstrates the power of groups/authority on an individual’s behavior.

– You must use at least two concepts/terms/theories from Chapter 5.  Be sure that these terms are relevant to the study’s findings and that you show you understand the concept/term/theory in your writing.  You must bold or underline the concept/term/theory that you use or else it will not be counted.


7.      (15 points) In 1-2 paragraphs, write whether or not you think this research was ethical. What were the specific ethical issues posed in this research?  Do the ends (the study’s findings and implications) justify the means?  (In other words, was the research worth it?) Explain.