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Class 4

Class 4

Identify an issue that can occur within the hospital. Safety Incidents. Safety program updates.

What are we trying to accomplish? Continuous Quality Improvement states, “CQI begins with a clear vision of the transformed environment, identification of necessary changes to achieve that vision, and input from engaged team members who understand the needs for the practice” (Ambutas, 2017). Our hospital could benefit from an updated safety model, along with implementation of the CQI Plan-Do-Study-Act model as outlined on the Institute for Health Care Improvement’s How to Improve (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website.

How will we know the change is an improvement? This year the hospital has had an average of 3 safety incidents per month. In the year following implementations of the new safety program, we will assess the amount of safety incidents, taking into consideration the nature of the incident. We will assess the effectiveness of the incident quarterly and again at the end of the year.

What changes can we make that will result in improvement? We will assign safety managers to each department, in charge of maintaining safe conditions in their designated areas. These managers will act as the liaisons between safety issues, and the safety department in the hospital. We will order new placards outlining safety procedures for fire exits, trips slips and falls warnings, and a simple reporting procedure to report things such as water spills or any other unsafe condition. The implementation results from Continuous Quality Improvement highlighted that “Success of the project was due to a shift in accountability”, this is important to realize because by implementing programs and increasing awareness of the situation you are placing accountability on the shoulders of the staff, as it should be. As they begin to take on more of that accountability, prevention of safety incidents becomes part of their job.

Our team of safety managers would be comprised of representatives from all over the hospital, in an effort to impact as much of the hospital as is possible. The safety managers will be the representative of the department; however safety is the responsibility of every staff member in the hospital so we will educate them all in a mass setting in order to maintain good understanding of the program.

What would you do if your performance initiative failed? What would be your next steps? If we found at anytime following implementation of the new safety program that there was an increase, or no change, in safety incidents we would go back to square one with research on safety implementation. We would hold safety information meetings with as many of the staff as possible on staff training days, and we would ask their opinion as well, on ways to increase safety within the environment of our hospital. KHALEY