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Research Paper (Licensing Laws)

Research Paper (Licensing Laws)

Assignment Instructions

Research using Floridas Real Estate Commission web-site to explain the licensing laws with respect to a Property Manager in your state. This is a research paper and requires three references.

– Describe any exams required, required Pre-Licensing education and continuing education requirements.

– Explain how a Property Manager is responsible for staff according to the state law and if the staff must hold a real estate license as well.

Submission Instructions: Submit assignment as word document .doc or .docx file.


Paper Format:

A. Title Page – Include a title page formatted using APA style. Include the APA formatted Header.

B. Executive Summary.

C. Introductory Paragraph – Include an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis sentence.

You should support your thesis with supporting paragraphs and a concluding paragraph, using APA style and section headings. Be sure to include theories, models, terms, concepts, and principles, with examples, learned throughout the course.

D. Reference Page – Include all sources on a Reference page formatted in APA style.

Three references are required