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Project Management Disscussions.

Project Management Disscussions.

Week 1 – Overview of Scope Management: & Plan Scope Mgt

  • Define and identify examples of project “scope” and “requirements”
  • Distinguish between project and product scope
  • Assess how the project business case and charter can be used as a foundation for planning project scope
  • Identify common components of the project scope management plan
  • Develop a high-level project scope management plan

W1- Core Element of Scope MgtCOLLAPSE

Please read your assigned materials and conduct library or on line research to effectively answer the following questions:

1.  What is the difference between a project requirement and a project deliverable?  Please give me an example of a requirement and a deliverable.

2. How does a project Scope Statement serve as a necessary communications document to all relevant project stakeholders?

Week 2 – Project Requirements: Collect Requirements

  • Identify and analyze the qualities of well-written requirements: SMART and testable
  • Know the general requirements collection process steps and become familiar with best practice requirements collection techniques
  • Practice techniques for eliciting stakeholder’s input to develop effective and feasible requirements success criteria
  • Distinguish between different types of requirements (functional, Non-functional, technical, project, regulatory, etc.)
  • Analyze techniques used to differentiate the needs /vs/ wants of stakeholders for a project: MoSCoW technique
  • Understand the purpose of an effective Requirements Management Plan (RMP): Create an RMP

W2 Group led Discussion – Requirements Management ProcessCOLLAPSE

–  How can a project manager plan for effective stakeholder  engagement while planning the project’s scope?

– Please outline 2 requirements elicitation tools you (as PM) would use to gather stakeholders’ requirements.

–  Please describe the MoSCoW technique used for requirements/deliverables categorization in the project scope process.

–  Please also give an example of a categorized requirement/deliverable