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Discussion 8 – 205

Discussion 8 – 205


You have been assigned to research and make recommendations on a new technology, or development process for a small well-funded startup company. Prepare a convincing report to the CEO.

Assignment: For a new technology trend of your choice, write a double-spaced, at least 3, but no more than 5, page paper outlining how this technology could be used to produce competitive advantage for a real or imaginary small, but well-funded, startup company. It is recommended to pick a specific technology covered in the last two chapters of the textbook. However, a newer technology you may be familiar with or have an interest in may also be used.

Be sure to use concepts covered in the course and incorporate at least three (3) sources from the library collection. They need not be peer-reviewed sources for technology, but they should be authoritative sources, and not web marketing sites.